Eatonia Pool


Rec Office: Box 405, Eatonia, SK S0L 0Y0
Ph: 306-460-7130
Fax: 306-967-2220
Pool: 306-967-2401

Welcome to the 2017 Swimming Season!

2017 Eatonia & District Swimming Pool Registration

Swimming Lessons
All lessons times are decided once registrations are in and instructors can plan according to numbers, everyone will be notified of their times once they've been decided (this can be a week to a few days in advance). There are no lessons on weekends. Lessons take place in the mornings. We offer all levels of Red Cross swimming lessons in each set. If you are unsure in which level to register call the pool at 967-2401 or the rec office at 967-2557.

Important: To those attending swimming lessons please keep distractions at a minimum while lessons are in progress. Talking or other kids playing or running on the deck can distract the students from learning and make teaching more difficult. Absolutely no one is allowed in the pool other than those participating in lessons during their lesson times.

2017 Schedule:

Saturday June 24 & Sunday, June 25

  • Public Swim 1-5pm and 7-9pm

Saturday July 1

  • FREE Public Swim 12-6pm

Sunday, July 2

  • Public Swim 1-5pm and 7-9pm

Regular Summer Hours (starting July 3rd)

  • Monday –Friday
    • 8am-9am Aquasizes
    • 9am-12pm Swimming Lessons
    • 1pm-5pm Public Swimming
    • 7pm-9pm Public Swimming
  • Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm and 7-9pm
  • Aquafit Monday/Wednesday 6-7pm
  • Lane Swim Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 6-7pm


  • Set #1 June 19-June 30
  • Set #2 July 3-July 14
  • Set #3 July 17-July 21
  • Set #4 July 24-July 28
  • Set #5 July 30-August 4
  • Set #6 August 14-August 25

Space is limited so register early. Register at the pool or the rec office (until the pool is opened for the season)

2017 Swimming Pool Fees - See PDF
(We do not accept debit or credit cards. Cash only)



Important Swimming Pool Info:

  • Children 5 & under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • "Deep Ends"--Must have obtained Red Cross Swim Level 4 OR
  • Be at least 6 years of age and capable of performing the following:
    • Swim four consecutive widths using an appropriate swimming stroke
    • Tread water for a minimum of 1 minute
    • At the Staff's discretion (if swimming ability is in question)
  • To parents, guardians & caregivers: For the safety of yourself, your children & other patrons, we ask that you do not take small children or children without strong swimming abilities into the deep end.

Parents of Preschoolers:

You must stay within arm's reach of your children at all times. Water wings, lifejackets and other floatation devices do not replace parental supervision. Thank you for your co-operation. These rules are for everyone's safety!

Discipline Policy:

A strict discipline policy will be adhered to. Patrons failing to obey all pool rules or any abuse of lifeguards, staff or other patrons will result in the offender being removed from the pool.

Parent Water Safety

Why is Swimming Important?

  • Swimming is a life-long sport
  • Swimming promotes multi-generational interaction
  • It's fun How Can Parents Prevent Accidents?
  • Enroll children in swim lessons
  • Use CSA-approved life jackets
  • Make sure children aged five and under are at least an arm's length away or less
  • Continuously watch all of your children, no matter what age

Facts that Parents May Not Know

  • Shallow water is the most common area for drowning, especially in water that is three feet deep or less
  • Majority of drowning's occur to people who had no intention of entering the water


The lifeguard's duty is to prevent accidents from happening. They are responsible for the overall safety of the facility; you are responsible for your child's safety.


  • If you are sending children to the pool that can't read please accompany them at least the first time and go over important pool rules, expectations and notices that are posted.
  • Vandalism in the change rooms has been increasing over the years and as it is the lifeguards priority to supervise the patrons in the pool they cannot always be watching the change rooms so please explain to your children the importance of respecting the facility so it's not ruined for everyone.