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Municipal Elections - Nomination Notices

Call for Nominations - Town of Eatonia
Call for Nominatins - RM of Chesterfield

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Join us once again for the 36th Terry Fox Run on Sunday, September 18th, 2016.

Pledge forms can be picked up at the Post Office or Prairie Centre Credit Union.

Gather at Laporte Hall by 1:00 p.m. Anyone needing a ride, please be at the Eatonia Arena by 12:40 p.m.

Snacks and prizes to follow the run at the arena. "Working Together To Outrun Cancer"

TradeShow 2016Saturday - October 15th
10am - 5pm - $2.00 Admission - See Poster


In accordance with Section 44 of
The Water Regulations, 2002, the town hereby notifies consumers that the information on the quality of water
supplied to the residents and compliance to sample submission requirements is available for viewing at the Town Office during regular office hours or can be viewed on the Policy and Notices Page,
Direct link: Drinking Water Quality 2015

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The Town of Eatonia and the Community Hall Board would like to thank the Community Initiatives (CIF) Community Places and Spaces Program for their financial support of $10,000 towards the cost of renovations that were completed at the Eatonia Community Hall painting the lower portion of the walls in the main hall, replacing the carpet in the entire hall, and replacing the two water heaters with an energy efficient demand water heater. See link for before and after photos.

Hall Booking Calendars

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Garbage Dump Hours
Mon, Weds, Fri: 1- 6 pm.
Tues, Thurs, Sat: 9 am - 12 noon
Closed Sundays and Stat Holiday

Eatonia Oasis Living
The residents always enjoy visiting with people of all ages. Please phone Vicki at 967-2447 to set up a time to visit, play a game or activity with our wonderful residents.

Phone Darlene Olson 967-2582 for bookings.
Anyone who would like to volunteer on the catering committee contact Darlene Olson.

The Eatonia website has been upgraded and is now device friendly. Check us out from your phone or tablet.

Eatonia Community Page

Run For Freedom

The town owns a number of residential lots in Peters Court located on the east side of town behind the school. Various lot sizes. Serviced to the property line. $35,000 per lot plus GST if applicable. A map of the area can be viewed at the town office. Interested parties can contact the town office at 306-967-2251 or e-mail for more information. See The Lots Map Here

Eatonia is a charming community in which to live!

Water Meter

Submit your
Town of Eatonia
water reading
on-line here

Eatonia Cemetery: The council is considering placing a columbarium at the Eatonia Cemetery if there is an interest for it. A columbarium is a vault with niches for urns. A columbarium can range in sizes from 16, 32, 48 or 64 niches. A family can purchase a niche and place up to 2 urns in it. The door on the niche would be engraved like a headstone.

If you would like more information or are interested in purchasing a niche in the columbarium, please stop by the town office or call the office at 306-967-2251 or Cliff Neufeld, Remco Memorials, at 306-463-7497